HEROJE CO.,LTD is a comprehensive solution and service provider of graphic image recognition and data collection products in China. We have been focusing on industrial automation and logistics automation and other related fields. Specializing in R&D, production and sales of Industrial code readers, 3D measurement sensors, machine vision system and laser displacement sensors.

The founding team of HEROJE has been devoted to professional research of graphics and image recognition and analysis technology for more than a decade. Since the company operated independently from the parent company in 2014, we have been paying attention to and exploration of cutting-edge technologies in the global industry, while continuously promoting the domestic production of high-end graphics and image recognition products. 

We have been delighted to witness the success of our customers and partners again and again, and they are also inspiring and promoting the growth of HEROJE. As an expert in graphic image recognition, we not only focus on the efficiency and reliability of data collection in the entire manufacturing and commodity circulation process, but also provide the most core data for enterprise traceability and quality control.

HEROJE has a young team with outstanding ability and vigor. They not only have in-depth and professional application knowledge, but also are full of determination and enthusiasm for progress and transformation. We will always adhere to the value concept of innovation-driven, caring service, honest cooperation, and achievement sharing. Through the deep insight and understanding of each customer's needs, in the process of advancing side by side with international counterparts, supplemented by localized strategies and services timely response to win the recognition and trust of more and more customers.

Looking to the future, the driving force for our continuous progress will still come from the success and affirmation of customers and partners.